The purpose of this blog is to pursue happiness together. My aim is to share my thoughts, thoughts which i have accumulated through the experience of highs and lows in my own life, and thoughts from famous philosophers, thinkers, and humanity at large. My hope is that we can begin a dialogue, and that through discussion of what happiness is, and how we find it, that we can learn to be happy together and to help make the world a better place.


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Hello all! Thanks for visiting my blog. I believe that creating and achieving a state of happiness and joy is the primary purpose in life. My mission for this page is to provide uplifting content, inspirational material, and thought provoking ideas; all of which I hope will help you come to a better understanding and experiencing of happiness and joy.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Happiness Thought for the Day: Be Free


"Man's life begins when he wakens to his freedom." - Alan Watts

I recently finished reading "The Meaning of Happiness" by Alan Watts. In the spirit of full transparency, his level of intellect, wisdom, and knowledge drastically surpasses my own and as such I am cautious in my attempts to communicate his thoughts. I will be regularly reviewing my notes on this book, which I intend to re-read at some point, along with moving into more of Watts's work which I thoroughly look forward to. 

In light of the above warning here is my attempt to expand upon the opening quote. When Watts says that the life of Man, in this case meaning huManity or all humans, begins with freedom, what he is referring to is our freedom to be exactly who we are. 

So much of our anger and unhappiness comes from a rebellion against the realization of our truest self or shame for who we are. Watts teaches us that happiness lies in acceptance and acceptance leads to freedom, and that freedom leads to happiness. The highest freedom is to know thyself and to accept who we are. When we come to accept ourselves as well as our union with the ALL of the universe, we become free and happy. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Happiness Thought for the Day: Control thyself

 "He who controls others may be powerful, but be who has mastered himself is mightier still.“ - Lao Tzu

The greatest form of strength and power is to control and master oneself. If you are truly in firm control of your mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors, then you are truly indomitable. 

Work on mastering yourself by reading, meditating, studying, being amongst nature and your fellow man alike. Realize that you and you alone can truly be master over the self. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Perspective, the first pillar of Happiness

This post is about one of the fundamental principles of happiness. As I have done my research and reading I have come across several recurring themes that appear to play a major role in happiness and have been identified by numerous philosophies, religions, and individuals as paramount to a joyous existence. I will call these the Pillars of Happiness and over the coming weeks and months will elaborate on each of the pillars, beginning with the first one here. 

The first pillar of happiness that I want to discuss is perspective. Perspective is about how we see ourselves, our emotions, the world around us, and our thoughts toward that world. It can be used synonymously with attitude or viewpoint. With the wrong sort of perspective it may be impossible to experience and know happiness. With the right perspective, happiness becomes something that can be enjoyed almost immediately. Let us unpack this idea further. 

The reason why perspective matters so much is that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to feel sadness or unhappiness in life. Suffering is an immutable characteristic of existence. Suffering is the first part of the noble eightfold path of Buddhism, each of the Abrahamic religions acknowledge suffering as part of existence and describe at great lengths the suffering of their followers as well as their religious figures. I am not as familiar with Hinduism, Taoism, or other major religions as with the aforementioned, but I do know that they have a healthy respect for and admission of the presence of suffering in our lives. We don’t need religious texts or philosophers to tell us about suffering, any of us who are old enough to be reading this post have experienced some measure of suffering in our existence, and as such we can agree that suffering is part of life. 

The only way that we can experience happiness in light of an existence fraught with suffering is through our perspective. First, we must come to recognize the truth of the following statement by Alan Watts, who said that “all men suffer but not all are unhappy, for unhappiness is a reaction to suffering not suffering itself.” It is easy to understand how one might mistake suffering for the literal embodiment of suffering which is not the case. It isn’t suffering that causes us to be unhappy, but rather our reaction to suffering. 

Through the perspective of realizing that it is our reaction to suffering that causes us to be unhappy, we realize that we have the power to choose our reaction and our thoughts around any given situation. This is precisely what Viktor Frankl wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning, that “everything can be taken from a man but one thing, the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” 

Those of us familiar with the life of Dr. Frankl will know that he endured suffering on an unimaginable scale through his experience as a Jewish prisoner in Nazi Concentration Camps. Through his willpower and perspective towards his suffering, he was able to endure what so many sadly were not. If he can survive his time in the death camps, so too can we choose our outlook or perspective in the face of whatever suffering will come our way. 

We can further change our perspective on life in general, not merely with regards to suffering, by remembering the teachings of the stoics, who remind us to focus only on that which we cannot control. Most of what happens in life is the work of forces greater than any of us are able to understand and thus we are helpless to exert any sort of control. We cannot control circumstances but we can control our outlook through perspective. Tony Robbins is fond of saying “life happens for you, not to you.” This is an excellent way to shift perspective around things that might initially cause us unhappiness, as we choose to perceive them as opportunities for growth and development rather than as harmful or hindering. 

We can go a step beyond this by adopting the perspective of the stoics once again and reminding ourselves that events are objective, rather than subjective. Things that happen are not good nor bad, they simply are. Only our reaction to them gives them any label such as good or bad, and only our reaction can allow things to make us happy or sad. Marcus Aurelius once wrote: “Do away with the opinion I am harmed, and the harm is cast away too. Do away with being harmed, and harm disappears.” Pain, unhappiness, suffering, they are all constructs of the mind, if we can adopt the perspective on our existence to be immune to such thoughts or feelings then we can remain happy regardless of what may happen in our lives. 

Maintain a positive perspective on life, make yourself impervious to suffering our harm, and choose to see the beauty in all things that are our existence. If we allow our mind to become reactive towards the world around us it may be very easy to adopt a negative and unhappy perspective towards existence. The person who has a happy, joyous, and optimistic outlook creates that very type of life for themselves and for others. Positive people with happy perspectives light up the world around them and are a beacon of hope for those who would emulate them and feel the same way. The Dalai Lama said in the Book of Joy: “Changing the way we see the world in turn changes the way we feel and the way we act, which changes the world itself,” before adding "a healthy perspective really is the foundation of joy and happiness, because the way we see the world is the way we experience the world."

If our own mind is committed to the decision of being happy, rather than looking to the outside world to behave in such a way that causes us to react happily, then we are able to create a happy existence for ourselves through our perspective. Remember this thought every day, that happiness is a choice, not a reaction. If you perceive the world as cruel, dark, inhospitable, and unhappy, then that is exactly what it shall become. If you are able to permanently adopt the perspective that no amount of suffering can shake you from the possibility of happiness, recognize that the struggles in life make us better, and remember that life happens for you not to you, then you will be able to experience endless happiness. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Happiness Thought for the Day: Suffering does not mean unhappiness

 "All men suffer but not all are unhappy, for unhappiness is a reaction to suffering not suffering itself." Allan Watts. 

What this quote by Watts emphasizes is that happiness is a matter of attitude and perspective. 

Perspective is exactly what I will be talking about in my next video post, as I believe that perspective is one of the key tenements of happiness. 

Suffering is part of life, most religions and philosophies agree with this and anybody who has experienced life can point to some parts of it where they experienced suffering. It is inevitable and inescapable. Because it is inescapable, we must adopt the perspective that we are able to remain happy, even in light of suffering. For ultimately our happiness depends on our reaction to suffering. 

We can maintain a happy perspective in suffering by realizing that the challenges and difficulties of life ultimately make us stronger. Watts himself would tell us that without suffering there could be no happiness, as every emotion or feeling must have an antithesis without which it cannot exist. Without good, there is no bad, without light there is no dark. 

Remember that happiness is a reaction, not a choice, and that by choosing to be happy in light of suffering, you can and will live a joyous existence. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Happiness thought for the Day: Choose your own Way


"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any set of given circumstances, to choose one's own way." - Viktor Frankl

If Viktor Frankl can speak and live in this way then so can we. Reader's of my blog are no stranger to Frankl as I reference his ideas often. 

For those unfamiliar, Viktor Frankl was an accomplished Psychiatrist who was imprisoned for several years in Nazi concentration camps during the 1940's where he endured the very worst of humanity and unimaginable suffering. 

Despite the suffering he endured, Frankl was able to retain a remarkably positive mindset, a mindset that he credited with being his salvation as well as that of his fellow survivors. 

Frankl found this salvation by not allowing the overwhelming and terrible circumstances of his life to affect his outlook. He remained positive by turning his suffering into meaning and finding a purpose in his life, in his particular case the need to survive so that he could publish his research and speak about his experience. 

We would do well to ensure greater happiness in our lives by following Frankl's example and heeding his advice. If he can remain steadfast through the immensity of the suffering he endured, we can do the same. 

Remain positive and firm in your resolve, and you will know happiness even in the face of the mightiest struggles. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Happiness Thought for the Day - October 11, 2021: Love what you do


Love what you do. 

Read that again. 

It doesn't say to do what you love. It says do what you love. 

In the perfect world, we could earn a living doing exactly what we love, or better yet, we could live in a world where we didn't have to earn a living at all and every ounce of our labor would purely for our own amusement and the betterment of humanity. 

This is not reality. Most of us must find work, often times doing something we hate or at best are apathetic towards. I wouldn't say that I love simplifying and unifying the revenue cycle of health care companies, but this is exactly the mission of my company. 

Loving what you do differs from doing what you love in that loving what you do means adopting a positive mindset towards whatever it is that you must do. Recognize that whatever you do for work, whatever you pour your efforts into, whether it be for money or not, are an offering of your time, your service, your ability, and your soul. 

You may not be doing what you love but if you learn to love what you do, then the normal everyday activities that typically feel mundane suddenly become meaningful as an expression and offering of yourself towards what in some way, shape or form, equates to the betterment of humanity and the soul of the world. 

Put forth your enthusiasm into whatever you do. take pride in your actions and your thoughts, and love what you do. 

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day 2021


Today, October 11, 2021, we observe and celebrate Indigenous Peoples' day in the United States, honoring the valuable historical and contemporary contributions of the various indigenous people who have called this land home for thousands of years. 

This year President Joe Biden became the first US President to formally recognize Indigenous Peoples' day. The second Monday of October has traditionally been recognized as a date of remembrance in honor of and named after an Italian imperialist. At long last, the name of that name has been dropped in favor of Indigenous Peoples' day. 

The intent is to recognize not only the meaningful role of indigenous peoples on both our history and our present state, but also to bring attention to the plight that many indigenous people face today. Among the issues, indigenous people are disproportionately affected by climate change, violence, and health concerns. 

As recognition of this day grows, I hope that more Americans will take the time to educate themselves about the beautiful traditions and history of our indigenous people and consider them as valuable members of society rather than as a nuisance that got in the way of America's Manifest Destiny. 

Recognition of this day will not cure centuries of persecution and discrimination but it is a small step in the right direction.